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Trip Cancellation and Interruption up to the amount of purchase for non-refundable trip deposits, airline tickets, hotel penalties, cruise line and other charges already paid by you when you must cancel your trip due to a covered reason. "Covered reasons" include: unforeseeable sickness, injury or death of you, a family member or traveling companion. Other reasons include the bankruptcy of a tour operator, cruise line or airline, if you are subpoenaed or ordered to report for military duty or jury duty.

Emergency Medical or Dental expense up to $10,000 reimburses the medical expenses of any injury or sickness occurring on your trip, including doctors, hospital, x-ray, and nursing not covered by your insurance program.

Emergency Medical Transportation - Unlimited - pays for transportation ordered by a doctor to the nearest adequate medical facility not covered by your insurance program. This includes reasonable expenses to transport mortal remains.

Baggage Loss up to $1,000 reimburses you for lost or stolen baggage while on your trip. This is secondary to common carrier coverage.

Trip Delay up to $1,000 reimburses you for hotel and taxi expenses should your trip be delayed for 10 or more hours.

Pre-existing Conditions Accepted - If your doctor thinks it's okay to go, we do too!

Accidental Death/$100,000 pays for the loss of life as a result of an accident on air flight or cruise ship.

Airline Penalty up to $50 reimburses you if you change the dates of your travel and the airline charges you a "change fee" penalty. (One per trip.)

Assistance Information - Medex Traveler Assistance - 24 Hour.

Free Look Grace Period - Full refund if you notify TRIP ASSURED© in writing within ten (10) days, and your trip has not started.
Trip Cancellation & Interruption up to $10,000 *higher on request
Trip Cost Default Protection - If cruiseline, airline or tour operators are unable to provide service
$10,000 Emergency Medical or Dental Expense
Unlimited Emergency Medical Transportation/Evacuation
$1,000 Lost or Stolen Checked Baggage
$1,000 Trip Delay
$100,000 Flight Insurance
Pre-existing Conditions Accepted
$100,000 Accidental Death while on cruise ship
$50 Airline Penalty Protection - If you change your travel date and the airline charges you a penalty
"NO COST" Free Look
NO "Policy" Fee
Insurance benefits include
No Deductibles & No Co-Payment
Description of Benefits:
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